Corporate Profile

Information and communication technologies can be powerful tools to maintain customer and supplier relationships, explore new markets, and create systematic records of management and financial information that can be effectively utilized for internal learning as well as reporting to external stakeholders.

In the fast-moving and demanding world in which we live and work, once in a rare while a company comes along that actually delivers more than it promises, exceeding the customers’ needs, beyond their expectations and imagination – A company that is dynamic, innovative and yet completely dependable. A company that raises the bar... That company is Haysoft Solutions Limited.

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Haysoft Solutions Limited is a leading information and communication technology (ICT) company that commences operation since 2005 but incorporated in March 2014, we offer a comprehensive programme and expertise on Computer Sales and Repairs, Website Development, Networking Solutions, CCTV Solutions, Software Solutions, ICT Training Solutions and IT Support Services

Haysoft depends on its technically advanced next generation infrastructure to deliver best in class customer-aware and lifestyle-enhancing products and services that anticipate customers' needs. We understand that customers are on-the-go, busy and mobile and expect frictionless and seamless services. By deeply understanding the needs of customers – Haysoft delivers the right products and services at the right time – helping customers simplify their lives, enabling them to transact their businesses and lives easily and ensuring a WOW user-experience from start to finish.


Core Values


We’re passionate about the technology’s potential to solve, satisfy and surprise. We love life and want to share our zest for life with the world.

Team Players

We’re loyal, respectful and kind to all – not only within our organization and with our customers, but in all we do throughout the world.


Our enthusiasm for technological achievement enables us to imagine far-reaching possibilities and bring them to fruition – raising the bar for excellence.


Our proven ability to deliver reliable, high quality products and services makes us an important asset to our customers, communities and shareholders alike.


We insist on evolving our organization to meet the needs of a changing world because this flexibility sparks our imaginations and empowers us to anticipate and surpass the expectations of customers.


We’re global in our perspective and desire to participate on a global stage. We are not limited by borders; we have the right recipe of philosophy, experience and attitude that will take us beyond.


We’re rock solid genuine. Our customers and partners can count on us. We deliver our promises and fulfill our commitments.


We’re sure of our capabilities and goals and we have a thorough understanding of our customer needs – so thorough, in fact, we always push the limit to anticipate their needs for the future.